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Create a “Show details” table in Reporting Services 2008


Sometimes it can be a good idea to show users an overall view of data. But sometimes this isn’t enough and the user wants to se more information, i.e. columns.

If you have a tablix with static columns and want to be able to show more columns when a user click “Show details” your first approach might be to select the column and set an expression of the hidden property as below.



When you select a column like this it is the contents of the column that is selected (i.e. textboxes) and not the column itself. Therefor when you run the report the columns content will be hidden but not the column itself.



The solution

To hide the actual table column you must first put the Column Groups section on the design surface to advanced mode by first clicking the little triangle and then select Advanced mode as the picture below shows.


In the list select the column you want to hide and set the Hidden property to True and the ToggleItem to the item that should toggle visibility.


As a result the table will now “shrink” the entire table width and make the table look like we wanted it to.


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